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M'illumino di meno

M'illumino di meno is a symbolic initiative aimed at raising awareness on energy saving was launched in 2005 by Caterpillar transmission of Rai Radio 2, conducted by Massimo Cirri and Philip Solibello. It takes its name from the famous verses of Mattina of Giuseppe Ungaretti ("M'illumino / immensely"), and is organized around Feb. 16, the day which marks the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol.
The campaign, launched at the national level by the microphones of Radio2Rai, invites you to minimize the energy consumption by turning off as many unnecessary electrical appliances. Although short-lived, the event is also rated in terms of actual energy savings. As reported by Terna, the company responsible for the transmission of electricity in Italy, within minutes of the start of the initiative there has been a significant decline in consumption. The need for instant energy recorded was about 300 MW less than in 2007 and more than 400 MW in 2008.
Also this year our hotel chain will join the initiative, with minimal lighting in the common areas of the structure. This symbolic support, each year, emphasizes the importance of policies for sustainability, ecology and low impact on the environment.
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