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    Compagnie Des Hotels is a young hotel group, born from a great passion for hospitality. It consists of 5 hotels, all 4-star category, located in Italy mainly in the north and central-north area.




    The hotels have a total of 420 rooms, 9 meeting rooms, 3 restaurants and 1 SPA. Although it have a different soul and style, which makes them unique, it share three main qualities, which represent the real strengths of the Company: hospitality, thanks to the constantly trained Staff; breakfast, cared for in every aspect and with a rich offer of fresh products; the cleaning of the rooms and areas, meticulously followed by trained and experienced Staff.


    The Group follows an organization based on the logic of the main core and the satellites: the core, represented by the headquarters, with centralized administrative and commercial functions; the satellites, represented by the hotels, manage operations with constant attention to the Guests.


    Thanks to a hotel offering diversified by type and geographical area and thanks to the ten-year managerial experience of the Group's Management, Compagnie Des Hotels is ready to acquire new realities in Italy, expanding its portfolio.



    If you think that Your hotel could become part of our Group, send us an introductory email to